“When Park Grove Pet Hospital says ‘Pets are family, too!’ they really mean it! I know I can trust everyone with my babies because they listen carefully to my concerns and truly care for my animals.”
Kate F

Park Grove Pet Hospital in Cottage Grove MN Offers Avian & Exotic Pet Care

Park Grove Pet Hospital Offers Avian & Exotic Pet Care

Park Grove Pet Hospital welcomes exotic pets and their owners to our veterinary facility, for quality care of your unique animal with access to professional guidance and educational resources. We care for amphibians, and a wide variety of pocket pets.

Exotic pets are typically animals that are unusual or rare, but this classification includes almost any pet besides a dog or cat: amphibians, and the category known as "pocket pets," which includes gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, rodents, and the like.

Basic Care Guidelines for Exotics

Every type of exotic pet has specific needs, care requirements, and vulnerabilities to disease. These needs include the following:

  • Housing—The correct enclosure for the type and size of the pet and a structure that can be kept clean, dry, and sanitized.
  • Environmental issues—The correct temperature, lighting, humidity, and hygiene are critical to keeping these unique pets healthy and comfortable over a lifetime.
  • Nutrition—Proper food, nutritional supplements, adequate water, and appropriate treats are necessary for healthy growth and development, as well as a strong immune system.
  • Disease and parasite control—While many exotics and pocket pets do not require vaccinations, some do; others can carry serious and contagious diseases that can be transferred to humans, such as salmonella; and many can get parasites including fleas, mites, or lice.
  • Attention—Grooming, socializing, and simple play are all important to the well being of any pet.

It is easy to forget how vulnerable these animals can be without adherence to the specific guidelines for your special pet. Something simple—locating an enclosure too close to a window or exposure to a constant breeze—can be deadly to certain types of exotic pets. Even inappropriate handling can injure your small pet.

Regular veterinary care based on your type of pet ensures the best chance for a long and healthy life for your unique companion. At Park Grove Pet Hospital, we will provide your pet with all of the necessary health care and offer you the education and resources you need to truly enjoy your pet.

Contact Park Grove Pet Hospital today to make an appointment for an exotic pet wellness exam.

Please Note: At this time, Park Grove Pet Hospital is unable to care for injured or abandoned wildlife. If you have an injured or abandoned wild animal in your possession, please contact the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.

Exotic Pet Resources


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