“Our ‘ever a puppy even at 11’, Judge is still going strong and doing well, thanks to the skilled ortho vet who came to Park Grove Pet Hospital to do his knee surgery. You will never find a better group.”
— Joan B

St. Paul Area Veterinarians Offer Senior Pet Care to Prevent Age-Related Disease

Senior Pet Care at Park Grove Pet Hospital

Our pets are with us for years—happy participants in every special event and a comfort to us in tougher times. They trust us with their lives, are always ready to join us in play or relaxation, and they love us unconditionally. As they age, these loyal companions deserve the best of care to keep them free from pain or disease and to promote a long life.

Park Grove Pet Hospital offers a special wellness program dedicated to our senior animal companions.

Our Senior Wellness Program

The Senior Wellness Program focuses on maintaining optimum health while maximizing early detection of age-related diseases or conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, or arthritis. This comprehensive plan is tailored to your companion’s specific needs and circumstances, including age, type, breed, condition, and lifestyle.

The Senior Wellness Program provides the following services:

  • Physical exam—Performed by your Park Grove veterinarian twice annually, including an examination of the eyes, ears, heart, skin, and skeletal structure, with specific attention to problems common in senior pets
  • Dental exam—With a focus on maintaining healthy teeth and gums, vital for nutritional stability, a strong immune system, and protection from disease
  • Nutritional counseling—Guidance in providing for changing nutritional needs and developing a healthy exercise plan, important to preventing excessive weight gain and circulatory problems
  • Vaccinations—Disease and parasite prevention tailored to your pet’s current needs
  • Behavioral counseling—Setting up a profile and identifying sudden or developing changes that may signal areas of concern

In addition, we create a Senior Wellness Profile to establish baseline organ function and monitor for age-related changes or developing concerns. The Senior Profile consists of the following diagnostic tests:

  • CBC (complete blood count)—Count and morphology of red and white blood cells and platelets
  • Serum chemistry—Evaluation of blood proteins, electrolytes, and organ-associated enzymes
  • Thyroid screen—Screens for low thyroid function (common in dogs) and excessive thyroid function (common in cats)
  • Urinalysis—Screens for kidney disease, protein loss, lower urinary tract disease, and diabetes

Download our Park Grove Pet Hospital senior wellness brochure for more about our program—one that supports senior pets and their owners.

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