“The fantastic vets and staff are the most compassionate and caring people taking care of our pets and us also when times are tough. Their chemotherapy program gave our precious Belle one more year with us!”
Joan B

St. Paul Area Pets Find Compassionate Cancer Care

Compassionate Pet Cancer Care from Park Grove Pet Hospital

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis for a pet owner. No one wants to see his or her faithful companion suffer needlessly, with treatment and surgery creating both emotional and financial concerns.

The professionals of Park Grove Pet Hospital have years of experience in treating a variety of cancers in pets and offer comfort and hope to pet owners facing this fearsome disease.

Cancer Diagnosis

At Park Grove Pet Hospital, our modern on-site laboratory and advanced diagnostic technology is a benefit to every patient, especially those struggling with cancer. The critical component of early diagnosis is a skilled professional—one who knows what tests to perform and how to read the results.

Our expertise in diagnostics, combined with regular and consistent veterinary care, offers your pet the best chance for a comfortable life after a diagnosis of cancer. With an early diagnosis and treatment, pets can respond well to surgery and chemotherapy.

When a complete recovery is not possible, or treatments may be detrimental, many animals can be maintained in comfort for an extended period of time while living with cancer. A diagnosis of cancer brings various options for pet owners, and we will explain in detail the advantages of each. We support the right of every pet owner to make informed decisions about their veterinary care based on their unique circumstances, needs, and beliefs.

Cancer Treatment Options

The kind of cancer treatment recommended for your pet will depend on your animal’s age, general health, type of cancer, and other factors. The three types of treatment most commonly used are:

  1. Surgery—Performed when the tumor can be removed without damaging other tissue. Surgery is not recommended when the cancer is large enough to endanger the animal if removed, if the cancer has spread, or if the animal is too weak to survive anesthesia.
  2. Chemotherapy—Involves giving your pet chemotherapeutic medications either intravenously or orally, which are intended to kill cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells. Most animals have little to no side effects with chemotherapy, unlike their human counterparts. The goal of pet cancer care is to extend quantity of life, while never sacrificing the quality of life. We make compassionate care and quality of life our number one priorities in chemotherapy and cancer treatment.
  3. Radiation therapy—High doses of radiation are aimed directly at the tumor to shrink it or arrest its growth in a completely painless procedure. Radiation therapy is available nearby at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center.

Often a combination of techniques will be used to treat an animal suffering from this disease. Park Grove Pet Hospital has had many successes treating cancer in pets, with both surgical intervention and chemotherapy.

Whatever the situation surrounding your pet’s cancer, the entire team at Park Grove Pet Hospital is here to support and guide you through the process of treatment and recovery. We are dedicated to the compassionate and humane treatment of every patient and the ongoing education and support of our clients.

Contact us with your questions and concerns regarding cancer in your pet.