“Our ‘ever a puppy even at 11’, Judge is still going strong and doing well, thanks to the skilled ortho vet who came to Park Grove Pet Hospital to do his knee surgery. You will never find a better group.”
— Joan B

Advanced Veterinary Dentistry: Cottage Grove Veterinarians Offer Dental Surgery

Advanced Veterinary Dentistry at Park Grove Pet Hospital

All patients at Park Grove Pet Hospital are routinely examined for dental health at every wellness visit. The veterinarian then makes recommendations for any necessary corrective procedures, as well as ongoing oral hygiene and support.

Thorough dental examinations and cleaning are performed under general anesthesia to protect your pet from stress and injury. We offer an outline of this process and a discussion about the use of anesthesia during dental procedures in the Pet Health section of our website. Visit the Pet Dental Care page to read this discussion.

Pet Dental Surgery

Your Park Grove veterinarian may take dental X-rays for an accurate picture of your pet’s mouth. An experience veterinarian reads our dental X-rays, which is critical in diagnosing current and developing dental problems.

If there is a concern that would require advanced dental procedures, you are consulted at once. At that time, we answer any questions or concerns you may have and create a plan to address your pet’s issues.

Prior to any dental surgical procedure, a pre-anesthetic examination and laboratory work are performed to assess the health and safety of your pet. From the onset of the procedure and application of anesthesia, a technician monitors your pet from the initiation of sedation through full recovery from anesthesia.

In addition to teeth cleaning, Park Grove Pet Hospital offers more advanced veterinary dental procedures as needed, such as tooth extractions and treatment of periodontal disease. Modern technology and advanced training ensure your pet receives the safest experience available in pet dental care and surgical services.

When your pet is scheduled for any dental surgical procedure, we ask you to complete a Dental Consent Form. For your convenience, you may download, complete, and submit this form ahead of time to facilitate check-in.

Maintaining the highest standards in in pet dental care, Park Grove Pet Hospital follows recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association. Read the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, a framework for pet dentistry practice including dental examinations, teeth cleaning, and veterinary surgical procedures.

Contact our office for answers to your questions about pet dental procedures.