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Socializing Your Pet

Socialization is a necessary process to help your pet develop into a happy, safe, enjoyable companion. This occurs when you handle your pet gently, offer positive experiences in different locations and with a variety of people, and participate in training classes. Socialization means to help your pet adjust to the society of people, places, and things in which you and your companion will live.

Service Dog Badge

It is much easier—and lots more fun!—when your pet is relaxed with strangers, gets along well with other animals, responds to your commands, and adapts easily to new experiences. Socializing your pet offers the best possible chance to develop into a pleasurable companion and helps to develop a positive human—animal bond.

Enjoy this handout explaining the basics of puppy training and socialization: Puppy Socialization.

Training Your Pet

Your Park Grove Pet Hospital professionals offer information, advice, and resources that will assist you in working with your pet.

We can help determine if there is a physical issue that is causing problem behaviors, such as a urinary tract infection or intestinal parasites, or if basic training techniques would be useful. Even changes in the make-up of your family or a move to a new home can cause a change in your pet’s behavior. We work with you to offer solutions and resources, assisting you in restoring a positive relationship with your animal companion.

To get you started, we offer the following resources:

Enjoy this article on Puppies and the critical period of socialization.